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1 year ago

Driving Home After A Night Shift Is Way More Scary Than You Thought

The drive home after a night shift can be hazardous too, confirms a small but compelling new study involving a global team of researchers from Boston and Australia. They conducted daytime driving tests on a closed driving track among 16 night shift workers who had just come off the job. The study found that the volunteers' driving was dangerously worse after work than if they'd had a full night's sleep.

Six of the participants (37.5 percent) had 11 near-crashes during the driving test, which required the safety supervisors to use their emergency brakes to prevent a collision.The researchers terminated the two-hour driving test early for seven participants (43.8 percent) over concerns

1 year ago

Another unwitting Borat cast member files lawsuit | Reuters

NEW YORK The creators of the hit film "Borat" were sued again on Tuesday, this time by a driving instructor seen in the comedy admonishing the fake Kazakh reporter for yelling insults at other drivers.

Michael Psenicska was duped into participating in the film after it was described to him as a "documentary about the integration of foreign people into the American way of life," he said in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court.

The suit named British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays the title role, One America Productions and the film's distributor, 20th Century Fox, a unit of News Corp. It also named Todd Lewis, a representative of One America who is listed in other lawsuits as Todd Lewis Schulman.

Psenicska said he was paid $500 in cash to give Borat a driving lesson. He described the experience as "surreal," saying Cohen drove erratically down residential streets, drank alcohol and yelled to a female pedestrian he would pay her $10 for "sexy time."

The lawsuit seeks $400,000 in actual damages and additional punitive damages for misleading Psenicska and for emotional harm he continues to suffer. Psenicska said if he had known the true nature of the film, he never would have participated.

The comedy has grossed $270 million at the box office, plus more than $60 million in DVD sales, the lawsuit said.

Fox said the lawsuit was without merit, calling Psenicska a willing participant who was paid to be in the movie.

"The fact is that Mike Psenicska gave the producers his consent," the studio said in a statement. "He signed a release and we have an agreement. Now, 2 1/2 years after giving his consent, and more than one year after the movie was released, Mr. Psenicska has decided to file a lawsuit, citing the financial success of the film, in spite of our agreement."

"Borat" has been sued at least four times already.

In June, a man seen in the film running away from Borat down the streets of New York City sued Fox in federal court in Manhattan.

In February, a judge threw out a lawsuit brought in Los Angeles Superior Court by two college fraternity members shown guzzling alcohol and making racist remarks. They claimed the scenes tarnished their reputations.

Last year, two residents of a Romanian village sued Fox for $30 million, claiming the film wrongly depicted them as rapists, abortionists, prostitutes and thieves. Scenes depicting Borat in Kazakhstan were filmed in Romania.

A South Carolina man also sued over a deleted scene.

(Editing by Daniel Trotta and John O'Callaghan)

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1 year ago

Derek Bromley Joins The Hess Collection as Senior Director of Marketing | Reuters

Derek Bromley Joins The Hess Collection as Senior Director of Marketing

Derek Bromley has been appointed Senior Director of Marketing for The Hess Collection, and will oversee marketing, hospitality and direct to consumer efforts for all wineries and brands within the portfolio, including The Hess Collection, Artezin, MacPhail Family Wines and Sequana. He will also guide the domestic marketing efforts for the Hess Family Estates international wineries, including Peter Lehmann from Australia, Colom and Amalaya from Argentina, and Glen Carlou from South Africa.

Derek Bromley joins The Hess Collection as Senior Director of Marketing (Photo: Business Wire)

Derek Bromley joins The Hess Collection as Senior Director of Marketing (Photo: Business Wire)

The search was successfully conducted by The Cypress Group.

Most recently Bromley led a team managing the luxury brands portfolio of Treasury Wine Estates. Earlier, he served as Director of Sales & Marketing for Lynmar Estate in Sebastopol, and as a Brand Manager for LVMH/Domaine Chandon.

Gary Bulger, President of The Hess Collection, noted, Success in this challenging business environment requires great expertise in growing and producing our wines, marketing them, and finally bringing them to market with great sales conviction. Im confident that Derek will bring added strength and new vitality to our marketing team, and we look forward to his contributions.

After completing his degree at the famed hospitality program at Cornell University, Bromley served as a Beverage Director and Sommelier for the Myriad Restaurant Group in New York, which includes the internationally renowned Nobu and Tribeca Grill. He co-founded BevAccess, a pioneering business to business exchange for the global drinks industry, and also served as Vice President, Marketing for VinTrust, a luxury wine asset management service for collectors, boutique wineries and exclusive restaurants.

Hess Family Estates produces terroir driven wines on four continents, and includes the wines of The Hess Collection on Mount Veeder in the Napa Valley; Artezin from Californias North Coast; Sequana, highlighting Sonomas Russian River Valley and the Santa Lucia Highlands of the Central Coast; MacPhail Family Wines, with Pinot Noir expressions from California and Oregons greatest growing regions; Peter Lehmann wines from Australias Barossa Valley; Colom and Amalaya from the Salta Province of Argentina; and Glen Carlou from Paarl, South Africa.

Photos/MultimediaGallery Available:

The Hess Collection

Jim Caudill, 707-265-3489 or 707-299-0796 (Mobile)

Digital Art Available

EL's driving school

1 year ago

Parent-taught drivers ed and the teachable moment

The moment after the one your home schooled son runs the minivan into a chain link fence at the nearby middle school that is a teachable moment, a term popularized by Robert Havighurst in his 1952 book, Human Development and Education. When this occurs, one wonders whether laughing or crying is most befitting. Words may actually fail, and quite possibly, THAT is the best way to respond. Teaching without saying a word is effective. The look of the humbled teenager communicates their fear, embarrassment, and uncertainty. They are primed to learn.

What will it be, Dad or Mom? Is this a time for lecturing, yelling, scoffing, or rolling on the ground laughing your posterior off? Most assuredly, it is not. Helping your teen identify what went wrong is appropriate. At the moment the car was lunging forward, their brain temporarily disconnected. Once the crisis has passed, they need a little time for mental regrouping. In order to maximize learning, they must have the opportunity to calm down and think, just as Dad would do if he accidentally dropped his Blackberry in the commode. How did this happen, and how can I prevent it from happening again? Just as it is not necessary for Mom to appear, ranting that We cant afford another phone! You imbecile! Im calling Mother..oh, wait...I can' PHONE! parents can compound the negativity of the event by extreme and harsh reactions to the mistakes of their children. While Junior is contemplating his failure, Dad or Mom may be learning right along with him.

So, the discerning parent seizes opportunities to patiently capitalize on their child's undivided attention. As the glorious age of the automobile approaches the adolescent of the family, Texas home educators should familiarize themselves and their teenager with the location of the local DPS office and begin preparing for the day they cross the threshold in pursuit of the learner's permit. Seemingly, not much can prepare parents for the feeling of total helplessness in the passenger seat and submission to the budding intuition of their young student driver. To smooth this path, however, the Internet is proving to be our friend. State-approved driver's education courses like demystify the process and fortify both parent and student with valuable information, ultimately resulting in the big prize: the driver's license.

Read more on this driving lessons blog

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1 year ago

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (0175.HK) Quote|

BEIJING, March 8 The electric car subsidiary ofBAIC Motor Corp Ltd plans to pursue an initial publicoffering, an executive told Reuters on Tuesday, as the companyaligns itself with the government's policy objective to developgreen cars.

08 Mar 2016

NEW DELHI/BEIJNG Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra is re-thinking the strategy for its loss-making Korean automaker Ssangyong Motor Co , tapping the brakes on its planned push into the United States to focus instead on China.

07 Mar 2016

NEW DELHI/BEIJNG Mahindra & Mahindra is re-thinking the strategy for its loss-making Korean automaker Ssangyong Motor Co, tapping the brakes on its planned push into the United States to focus instead on China.

07 Mar 2016

* Korea's No. 4 car maker in tie-up talks with Chineseautomakers

07 Mar 2016

GENEVA, March 1 Tighter emissions rules inEurope will push up the price of diesel-engined cars to thepoint where plug-in hybrids will become an attractivealternative, Volvo Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson said onTuesday.

01 Mar 2016

GENEVA Tighter emissions rules in Europe will push up the price of diesel-engined cars to the point where plug-in hybrids will become an attractive alternative, Volvo Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson said on Tuesday.

01 Mar 2016

STOCKHOLM Geely-owned carmaker Volvo Car Group said on Saturday it was recalling 59,000 cars after some owners experienced their engines stopping and restarting while they were driving.

20 Feb 2016

STOCKHOLM, Feb 20 Geely-owned carmaker Volvo CarGroup said on Saturday it was recalling 59,000 cars after someowners experienced their engines stopping and restarting whilethey were driving.

20 Feb 2016

Iran sees oil freeze pact as not enough to help market -Iranian sources

18 Feb 2016

STOCKHOLM Volvo Car Group trebled earnings in 2015 on strong demand in Europe and the United States, and forecast record sales in 2016, taking it a step closer to carving out a long-term niche in the premium auto market.

18 Feb 2016

Here's where you can find EL's driving school

1 year ago

Attend the only true Ford Racing High Performance Driving School in the world

For an unforgettable day trip, experience the drive of a lifetime, behind the wheel of a 325 horsepower Ford Racing Mustang GT around a world-class track.

Performance Racing and Driving Schools are high on life's bucket list

Drive Tech Racing

Miller Motorsports Park and Ford Racing have created the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School, the only one of its kind. Located just 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City in Tooele, Utah.

Sign up for the next spring driving school.

Two-Day Ford Racing High Performance Driving School

Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 08:00 AM - Friday, 01 Apr 2011 04:30 PM

One to three day classes available check the web site for dates and pricing

For more day trip travel ideas in Utah, Subscribe. For national cross country travel articles and slideshows follow more of Lindsay's Travel.

EL's driving school

1 year ago

Deciding Upon Speedy Methods In Benefits Of Driving Lessons In Bromley

While there are a few affordable deals in other regions nearby, there's a reason why several driving schools in Bromley are well-known. Students have to carry out their driving sessions in the state where their driver licence is issued. Besides knowing the routes inside out, and having tons of experience in the local region, it will be an advantage to learn from these driving teachers in Bromley as it pertains to taking your driving exam.

Not everyone will find learning how to drive a car easy to start with. It does take time to get confident with with driving a car. After you've been driving a car quite some time, you wont even think it over. Driving becomes just like a mesmeric experience, you you may not reflect on what you are doing most of the time. This could be good in a way, yet additionally, it may mean you're not always paying attention to the street. The automobile is finished in a heartbeat, however, your heart is beating much too rapidly. Although you will wish to be at ease when driving, additionally, you will desire to keep vigilant.

When taking driving lessons, you'll get to understand the rules of the route. The Transportation authority of each state have previously fixed speed limit which is correctly set as per various areas of state. If you are driving on ordinary roads in Bromley, the speed-limit you need to follow is 30miles per hour. While passing a school, the pace indicator has to be lower or identical to 20mph. There can be some routes which have a higher maximum like dual carriageways so you'll need to watch out for the street indicators. While motorways and expressways let one to drive up to 70miles per hour.

Their certainly are a lot of student who only wait to turn 17 and have the ability to consider a driving lessons. Generally it'd require around forty lessons for you to prepare to take your driver licence check, by using several driving lessons with the instructor, they're able to give you a much better idea of how many lessons you'll need. You are able to consider a check together with your own car or rental car . However, it is going to all come right down to your own teacher which you are ready or not.

The ten thousand hour rule, is regarded the common benchmark for experience is now. Meaning ten thousand hours of exercise is required to completely master a skill such as driving an auto. It will not matter what that ability is. It can be mastering an activity, a musical instrument etc. Before you worry and question how you are going to afford that many driving lessons, the good news is, you will not need that many lessons to pass your driving exam.

In order to get off to a good start in your driving lessons, you will need to thoroughly understand the tenets of the street, which the examiners will likely be looking to identify. Do not only keep the highway code on the book shelf, you should be reading it and comprehending it completely. You may get one from your neighborhood book shop, it just cost few pounds but this novel is an essential tool for anyone who is driving or learning to drive.